The Orchard Players Newsletter December 2019

Orchard Players December Newsletter 2019

WOOHOOOO!!!!! IT'S DECEMBER!!! ONE OF THE BEST MONTHS OF THE YEAR!!! And it's already nearly the middle of the month!! So if you've not started that Christmas shopping yet you'd better get a shoofty on!!! On a scarier note, it means it's that much nearer to pantomime time!!!! in fact it's exactly 1 month until opening night.....oh ****!!!

Anyway, lets discuss this months currents matters at hand to put our minds at ease....


Pantomime 2020!! 😀

All is well!! Director James and assistant director Glyn seem to be very happy!! Everything is as it should be and all is on track and in running order. Just keep rehearsing, learning and polishing! Set and props are looking fabulous too.

Tickets of course are available and selling!! So sell sell SELL and buy buy BUY! We want sell out shows for every performance so get on it!! Also, to entice everybody else, we have lots of lovely posters for you to take and display on every surface you can adhere them to and tell the world about our show!

We are also looking for more raffle prizes! Woop! We love a raffle and raffles love Christmas! So anything nice and pretty that you don't need over the next month the please can you save it for our raffle! Cheers dears!



Summer Show 2020

Now I know I mentioned a deadline for Summer Show proposals by the end of November but we are extending it to.......whenever really!! ASAP!! We are EAGERLY awaiting everybody's proposals and can't wait to hear your ideas...........aaaany time now........



Musical Feelers!!

Quite randomly, do you or anyone you know play an instrument?? Are these people considering getting involved in any stage stuff?? We would be very interested in these talents being included in future shows ON THE STAGE AS AN INSTRUMENT PLAYING ACTOR!! Let us know.


Who can help me if I keel over??

As performers we know that putting on a performance is not without it's risks. Falling off the stage or getting stabbed in the eye with a plastic sword (not my first rodeo) is perfectly feasible. But who do I turn to if my eyeball is hanging out or my bone is visible from the outside?? (Or other less dramatic injuries). I don't actually know!! Please can every first aider declare themselves!! Step forward! we may need your services! Please declare yourselves to our Molly who is in charge health and safety. Newsletter is a first aider. In charge, of course, of papercuts.



AN AFTER SHOW PARTY HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!!! WE SHALL GATHER IN THE VILLAGE HALL ON THURSDAY THE 16TH OF JANUARY FOR FUN TIMES (the thursday after show week). Bring a good ol' plate O' food to share amongst your Orchard Player peers!!


Anyway, If i missed anything out then please can you inform the group of it? ta! And I hope hope HOPE you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!!


xxxxx Me xxxxx







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