The Orchard Players Newsletter October/November 2019


(A Newsletter Of Undetermined Month But Is Here To Further Inform You Of Crucial Orchard Players Shenanigans!!)

Well hello again intrepid readers! You're back for more newsletter action! I have no doubt in my mind that you've been enjoying all sorts of fireworks this month! Those will pale in comparison to the display you're going to see in this newsletter!

Gear yourselves up. This is going to be a long one.



Oh my word!! We need all Summer show proposals to come forward and we need them now!! If you or anyone you know has an AMAZING idea for Summer show 2020 then slap yourselves or them into action because you have until the end of THIS month to show yourselves!!

No pressure.

The Pantomime!!!!

Ok so we're still rehearsing for a pantomime which is (big reveal) Red Riding Hood and we've done so since September. Seriously, where is this time going? Kinda bricking it here to be honest....! ..ahem..not that I have songs or lines to worry about because i'm just a newsletter......but for those of you that DO have lines to worry about, start worrying right about now because those scripts are forbidden in the performing paddock as of the 24th of November.......THIS MONTH!!!!....take a few minutes to process this...then pick up your script and read.


HOLD UP.......most of this newsletter content is linked to the panto so lets stay on the subject a while longer, but not before we enjoy another firework........

ooooohhh!!! aaaaaahhhh!!! No expense spared. You're welcome.



Not just any photography.....this photography will be of the greatest subject you could ever have and that's you!!!! Cast photographs will be taken on the 24th of November.......hold up again.....yep that's the exact same date that scripts are becoming forbidden!! A busy time for all!! You'll need to be fully prepared mentally and physically in your Orchard Players uniforms.


This is kind of aimed at the junior cast but also at the adult cast too....aimed at everyone really. Could you remember to wear suitable attire to rehearsal. Juniors, you are doing a lot of movement and dance so could jazz shoes be worn to every rehearsal please? Jazz shoes are your best friend. If you are not yet in possession of best friend jazz shoes then they are available to order OR there are a number of pre-loved pairs to buy in the gear store in a variety of sizes.

All long hair tied back out of your faces! Hair toucing is not often choreographed in the dances so unless it's choreographed or directed keep your hands off your hair while you're performing.

Everyone else just wear stuff that is practical and comfy!


Everybody's favourite get-in...

So you know how cool it is when you finish up the LAST Thursday rehearsal before show week and then you arrive at the Sunday rehearsal in the evening to find the hall completely transformed into panto wonderland? Well there are literally HOURS of work put into getting it looking show lush!! Some folk literally start from 9.00AM and don't leave until the end of the rehearsal. LATE. Now no-one is asking you for a 13 hour day HOWEVER if you could spare yourselves at some point during the day on the Sunday before show week to aid the get-in effort then that would be perfect!!


OOoohh!! Christmas AND fireworks!!


Parent helpers

To all parents of the junior cast, if you could make yourselves available for at least one of the shows, (Wednesday the 8th, (final dress rehearsal), Thursday the 9th, Friday the 10th, Saturday the 11th matinee or evening), to supervise and help with the juniors backstage then this would be most helpful. Actually, any point between Sunday the 5th and the following Saturday would be much appreciated. Show week is hectic!!!!!


Why Settle for word of mouth??...

When you can advertise???? Come on flippin' down, bring your business adverts, bring your friend's business adverts and advertise in our sell-out show programmes!!! £40 for a full A5 page (that's a big advert) and £20 for a half page (also a big advert)!!! Big adverts for cheap??? That, ladies and gentlemen, is a no-brainer!!!!!!


.....and lastly...(I think)

I just keep think about that quiz. I can't get enough. A huge thank you again to our creatives and Quiz Master Chris and Emma Cranwell and of course to Hazel for organising everything else from raffle to food to teams to runners!! What a successful event!

Not forgetting of course an absolutely mahooosive thank you to those glorious individuals who donated so many awesome raffle prizes!!! The more donations you make then the greater the financial saving for the group so thank you a million times!!!

Now go save up some more raffle prizes ready for the panto!! Yep, keep 'em coming!! We always need prizes!! If you get that gift that you like but don't really need or you buy something and think WHY DID I DO IT??? Then please think of us and our many raffles!! We will gratefully accept!! Within reason.


You know I often read these newsletters and wonder why they're so's because of all the

It's a good job you all like waffle.









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