At all times, we will provide safe rehearsal and performance conditions for our members and ensure that equipment, props, staging etc used by our members are safe. We also ensure, to the best of our ability, that the public, usually our audiences, are protected from danger or risks to health as a result of our activities.


The Committee of The Orchard Players has overall responsibility for health and safety matters and encourages all members to conduct themselves in a manner which does not compromise the health and safety of themselves and/or of members of the group.

This policy will be reviewed annually prior to the Annual General meeting of the group.

The Health and Safety Officer is responsible for ensuring that;

….marked exits are kept clear of all obstructions, eg chairs, costume rails, boxes etc

….marked fire exits are unlocked during rehearsal and production times.

NB Members should not park in front of fire exits or place any obstruction in front of fire exits, outside or inside the Village Hall complex.

–identifying any cast members/other members who are current certified First Aiders

The Health and Safety Officer must be familiar with the location of fire exits, fire extinguishers and the assembly points to be used and should liaise with the Village Hall Manager with regard to the health and safety procedures to be used by members whilst in the Village Hall complex.

Members should be reminded that it is unsafe to stand on the tables and plastic chairs in the Village Hall.

The Health and Safety Officer will appoint three responsible adults who will help to ensure safety at performances, in accordance with the public entertainment licence held by the Village Hall.

One adult will be appointed from each of the following areas; production team (hall), stage crew (stage areas) and chaperones (library).

These adults will be made familiar with the emergency exits from the hall, stage and library and with the procedures to be followed in the event of an incident necessitating evacuation from the complex. They will also be made familiar with the emergency phone nos to be used in the event of an incident or accident.

Obtain written confirmation that electrical/sound equipment conforms to Hall Users Policy

–Obtain written assurance that any caterers comply with Food Hygiene legislation etc. Eg sale of popcorn etc

The Health and Safety Officer will brief the appointed adults prior to each production and deal with any issues arising.

The Health and Safety Officer will draw up a risk register for each performance and for any major social event.

The Health and Safety Officer will ensure that all cast and show crew and helpers  are  regularly  briefed on evacuation procedures for the Village Hall complex and that a practice evacuation is undertaken and lessons learnt.

Technical team to be reminded to make announcement before each performance regarding filming and use of mobile phones during performances

All adults to be given letter/e-mail  before show week to remind of Health and Safety/Fire evacuation procedures/  registration details etc.

Ask the Technical Director to prepare a Fire evacuation notice and to broadcast before performances

The Director appointed for any specific production is responsible for liaising with the Stage Manager to ensure that props, staging, scenery and other stage furniture are safe for use. Members should refuse to use any items which they consider to be unsafe and any issues should be referred to the Health and Safety Officer initially.

The Front of House Manager is responsible for ensuring that all members of the audience at  performances have valid tickets. The manager is also responsible for the sale of raffle tickets and programmes.

The Front of House team will take particular care to escort infirm or disabled patrons safely to their seats.

The Stage Manager is responsible for ensuring that the stage crew, prompt etc all work in a safe manner.

The group recognises that the stage and its wings can be particular hazard areas eg falling scenery, tools, electrical cables, inadequate lighting etc.

The Stage Manager has prime responsibility for safety in the area of the stage and wings and for the safe and considerate conduct of all members in this area.

The group recognises that some members of the group will be required to work with some access and working at height equipment, either provided at the Village Hall, hired in for the performance or belonging to the Sound and Lighting Manager or a member.

The Health and Safety Officer will seek assurance from Capel Community Trust/the hirer/ Sound and Lighting Manager/member (as appropriate) that such equipment is suitable for use and conforms to current safety and certification requirements and will refer any issues to the Committee.

Any electrical equipment taken into the location of rehearsals and performances is the responsibility of the owner and must meet current safety standards.

Existing electrical equipment and fixtures in the Village Hall must NOT be altered or interfered with. In the event of changes being required eg removal of strip light on stage, the Committee will seek permission from the Capel Community Trust.

The Wardrobe Mistress has prime responsibility for the safe and appropriate storage of all costumes.

All young people, as defined under 18 years of age, involved in productions, should be required  to sign-in and sign-out at each rehearsal, in a register kept by the Director.

All accidents and incidents occuring within the Village Hall complex, however minor, should always be reported to the Health and Safety Officer, who will arrange for the Hall Bookings Secretary to be informed.

Copies of this policy will be issued to the Director, Front of House Manager, Stage Manager, Wardrobe Mistress and others as deemed appropriate by the Committee of The Orchard Players and/or the Health and Safety Officer.

Copies will also be available for all adult and junior members and for perusal at the Annual General Meeting of The Orchard Players and/or by request to any Committee member

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Child Protection Policy of The Orchard Players.