The Orchard Players Newsletter February 2020

Well Hello!!! Can you honestly believe that we're already in February of 2020?? It's only 325 days till Christmas!! Can't wait!!

Anyway, the last month has been super eventful but this newsletter will be short and sweet, I promise.


Panto 2020....THE RESULT!!

Well as you know we did a pantomime literally about 3 weeks ago. It was well received by all and some stunning reviews have been heard! AND READ!!! Enclosed (hopefully) should be the NODA review for Red Riding Hood! It's pretty good! Congratulations to James and his team for their achievement!!  


Raffle Prizes

We would like to thank each and every one of you gorgeous folk who donated raffle prizes for our pantomime raffle!! There were some right beauties in there and they were made to look absolutely stunning by OUR JULIE, the queen of all things creative!!

Now brace yourselves........WE NEED MORE PRIZES!!! wE have another event (cough, quiz night, cough) coming up very soon so we need to present the people with another sexy raffle!! Bring em' in at your leisure FOR NOW but be aware that the next newsletter will be requesting the living heck out of you people for prizes.



Well as you all should now know, Ray Seager will be taking the lead on our next show "Musical Of Dreams". Good luck there, Ray!!

Essential Dates:

Thursday the 6th of February at 7.30pm (THIS THURSDAY) - The readthrough

Thursday the 13th of February at 7.00pm till 8.00pm - Junior dance auditions and auditions for those who cannot make Sunday auditions.

Sunday the 16th of February 2.00 - 4.00pm

juniors and 4.00pm till 6.00pm Adults -All auditions.......for all!!!


The dates for this show are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July 2020.


Show Week Get in's and out's

It is no small task to get in and get out a show from our beloved venue. The get in starts from 9.00am (or earlier) till 6.00pm (well, everything is still being put together up until show night) and the get out, even with many hands making light work, goes from 10.00pm until 2.00am, or later. It's a hefty job. We always need more help with both the get ins and outs but particularly with the get in. The get out is not as worrisome because everyone is there anyway and all get stuck right in but the get in requires purposefully coming in and commiting a certain chunk of the day to the cause. We need more people willing to do this. Those who started the get in for Red Riding Hood found themselves a little short on help in the morning so more people are needed for this shift, please and thankyou.


Parent Helpers

Just a quick note that juniors' parents are expected to help out back stage during at least one show night, Thank you.



Do you hear a whisper on the breeze? quiiiiiizzz......quiiiizzzzzz......QUIIIIIIZZZZ.......did you hear that?


Essential Information!!

Where? : Capel Community Centre (Village Hall).

When? : Saturday the 21st of March at 7.30pm.

How much of my money do you want?: The same as usual please. We have not raised the price. Even though you get an amazing evening of fun AND chicken and chip supper OR the usual veggie option FOR JUST £10!!!!!!! Bargain.

Raffle? : Of course there flippin' well is!


Capel Fun day 2020

Another year, another day of fun. Prepare yourselves. it'll be the most fun yet. Early days so all I can really do is inform you of the date which is the 6th of June. Volunteers and raffle prizes for this will be well received. Watch this space.



It's here if we weren't treated enough so far this year....The Orchard Players annual general meeting is nearly upon us once more. We love it and you love it so be there!! Put April the 30th in your diaries.


See you pretty people sooooon!


xx Me xx








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