The Orchard Players Newsletter May 2019

It’s the month of May!!! Soon to be the month of June!! Isn’t this year simply flying by?! A newsletter comes out then it seems like 3 or 4 weeks pass and ANOTHER newsletter is due to come out!! Strange! Anyway there’s a lot to get through so listen the heck up!!
So yeah, I heard the distressing news that there are still a few memberships due to come in......*SIGH*!!!!!!!! How many times does newsletter have to remind you guys about membership payment??? Pay it, pay it, pay it, pay it, pay it, pay it, pay it, pay it, pay it, pay it, PAY IT!!! Once it’s paid it’s paid because i’m getting tired of putting this in the darned newsletter!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to those who have paid it.
Pay it
Summer Show Stuff
Everything is still going well. We’re nearly through all the numbers so the month of June will be mostly polish and tying up loose ends. We literally have no time left before this show!! know what I mean. It will feel like there’s no time left!! So lets get those remaining songs learnt, dialogue perfected and dances tip top! (I’m mainly telling myself this. If I write it down I might listen to myself). Don’t forget to keep thinking about props! Check the list.
Front Of House
We are still looking for people who can help with front of house duties, please!!! If you or anyone you know may be able to help with a show night or better still all three then please please please inform committee. We need yoooooooou!!!!!

Fun Day!!!!
Team Fun are really starting to get excited. Not long to go now before the notorious day of fun that is......Capel Fun Day!! Saturday the 8th of June 1pm – 5pm.
Please remember that we have a performance opportunity slot during the afternoon, putting on some of our fine material from the Summer show!! You’ll know the material so well by that time so we know you’ll be great!! Briefing for meeting times and content of the slot will be confirmed soon!!
PRIZES!!! - As you already know, the Orchard Players tombola will be in full affect on this day. It’s going to be.a.blast!! However we would love MORE prize offerings!! If you have something nice kicking about that you haven’t looked at or used in tiiiiime (unused and unopened, please!) then Team Fun would greatly appreciate your offering. PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT ALCOHOLIC OFFERINGS ARE STRICTLY........FULLY ACCEPTED!!!!
Just another little poke about our famous quiz night on the 12th of October 2019!!! Get your teams ready, teams of no more than 6, chicken and chip supper or obligatory veggie option, £10 per ticket. Be there or be square. I will continue to poke you about this event every month until October......and maybe even after that.
PANTO 2020
Here’s the information you’ve all been waiting for!!!!!!! We now have a concrete plan for panto 2020!!! PHEW!!! Our next pantomime will be “Red Riding Hood” and will be directed by our very own James Finbow and assisted by Glynn Hill!!! We warmly congratulate and support James in his directing debut and I’m sure it’s gonna be frickin’ good’un!!!
I can even provide you all with dates!!!!!
18th of July – Script readthrough
25th of July – Singthrough and audition prep
28th of July – AUDITIONS
Actual Show dates are the 9th, 10th and 11th of January
Summer Social???????
The Orchard Players has a bit of a reputation for being social. The group is renowned for frequenting a Summer event where we all gather together, preferably on a sunny day, and have a lovely time chatting, eating and drinking. These events are usually in the form of a bbq but we’re happy to entertain other options.
The only issue is we need a venue!!! Is there ANYONE out there who would be happy to host a Summer social event at their abode??? Please get in contact with committee if you think you can help and a date can be arranged to your convenience!!!!
Panto 2018
What??? Have we just travelled back in time??? NO!!!! We are pleased to announce that our 2018 Pantomime Aladdin came in joint 2nd place for the NODA Best Pantomime Award for our region!! Great result and a massive congratulations to Rob and his team for this achievement!!!
Summer Show 2020
Don’t get too excited, I have no information regarding this show yet, however, I will tell you this!!...............If you want to direct something or have an idea for a show that you want to direct then now’s the time to get that butt in gear because we’re being SUPER organised and the proverbial feelers are well and truly being waved around regarding this one!!!! Have a think!!!

All for now I THINK!!!! By George, I don’t think there are any other documents to go with this newsletter!!!! No new NEW constitutions here!!!
If i’ve forgotten something then please ask someone else.

Me xxxxxxxxxx

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