Judi Burwood

I joined the Orchard Players in 2000, initially to have some space and time out from a busy working and family life. Over the years as my children got older they also joined the group as did my husband who provided backstage support for a number of shows. A testimony to the family approach within the group.

I was drawn to the group as I’d always been involved in music in some way or another since my school years. Over the years I have undertaken chorus as well as solo/principal roles and now more recently find myself in charge of backstage where I still can’t resist the urge to join in and sing!

This is my second stint on the committee undertaking the lead for child protection. As a group we are committed to providing a safe environment where everyone can enjoy themselves and thrive.

There’s drama both onstage and off, but it’s fun and it’s lovely to be a part of the group.

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